New tech lead discussion board

I know, I know — there’s like hardly any traffic here at all.

Right now I’m very much in the Field of Dreams mentality. I’ll have to step up my efforts to find some players to get on the field soon.

But in the meantime, late at night, I can work on the field. So I added a new feature that I think captures my real intent for Tech Lead Workshops better than some of my efforts to date.

So I set up a discussion board.

It make sense because my goal has always been about creating a safe space for tech leads to learn from each other. That was the plan for the LA Tech Lead Meetup and then Silicon Valley. But those geographically based, Meetup-bounded communities are growing a little more slowly than I hoped. So I’m trying to expand my footprint on the Internet at large.

Now, I was careful not to use something from my past, like phpBB or something — even though there seems to be active and vibrant development going on. I wanted something a little fresher looking and more responsive, so I went with Flarum and hosting by FreeFlarum.

So far I really like it, and I think you will too. Join the conversation at

It’s going to be very quiet there for quite some time, but I’ll try to keep it active. It’s at least a good scratch pad for ideas and half baked thoughts we might have about stuff.

Continue the discussion on the Hello, World post at the Tech Lead Workshop Discussion Boards.