Sorry for the radio silence

If you read, like I do, a lot of stuff about leadership, most authors seem to suggest that it will be “up and to the right” on the charts if you just apply yourself.

They seem to suggest that “leadership” is an inevitable outcome of following whatever advice the blog, article, book, podcast, seminar, conference, or Ted talk the speaker propounds.

My personal experience at trying to lead has been far, far more complex, frustrating, and difficult. I expect your experience has been as well. Yet, the reward is always out there and always seems worth the struggle.

If you were to chart my own personal attempts at leadership, I think they’d chart more like the Dow Jones Industrials over the past 150 years — lots of ups and lots of downs, sometimes big, sometimes small, but generally trending in the right direction.

Unlike the Dow in the past few years, however, the past few months for me have been some of the most challenging — so I haven’t had much time or energy for this blog.

I promise I’ll try to get back to it soon.


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