What choice will you make when you end up on the double black diamond?

In our lives and careers as tech leads, most of us ski blue runs. We’re beyond the greens. Yet as much as we dream of the blacks or even diamond runs, we generally stick with the blues.

In skiing, like life, we try to navigate between fear and excitement. The blues usually give us a landscape letting us accomplish both, even if we know the real rewards lie elsewhere on the trail map.

So what would happen if you got off the gondola and, oh crap, you took the wrong lift and now you’re staring down the near vertical drop off of a double black diamond? It’s a run where there are very real consequences if you make mistakes.

You could choose to focus on safety or you could choose to focus on carving the mountain. I’m not suggesting you’re necessarily going to be succesful if you take the latter choice, but I think you understand the point.

In our day to day careers as tech leads, we face these moments from time to time. The choices we make shape not only our career but also our lives.

Where our focus goes, energy flows.

By the way, I got this from a recent Tony Robbins podcast. I thought it was an awesome analogy that most of us could related to.

Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash

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