Tech leads today (Nov. 8, 2017)

Hey Tech Leads,

Thought I’d share some of the tech lead happenings out there on the web today. This morning, Kent Beck started with an interesting question:

What companies are doing the most interesting, innovative, visionary experiments in software engineering at scale—tools, process, organization, culture, growth?

It was an awfully broad question, so he didn’t really get much directly on point. In case you’re curious, some of the top responses include Google’s CRE role, any place that does Haskell, Menlo Innovations (the consultancy behind Joy, Inc.), the Medium engineering team, and Cognitect.

Another awesome tidbit crossing my radar was Eryn O’reilly’s intro talk on the tech lead role from last week. Good timing because I’m working on my own point of view on succeeding in the tech lead role. Her advice is pretty different from mine in its approach, but it’s definitely valuable.

Kind of directly on point to Eryn’s talk, if you listen to it, is a question that drew attention on the Stackexchange today. The poster is a tech lead and he’s concerned about an overbearing project manager….

In theory I think we should collaborate to get the best possible results by conversing our (potentially different) points of view. In practice he adopted a hard stance and wants to see some changes made without taking any input from me.

It’s a super interesting thread so I hope you’ll read it.

Finally, there was a thread I came across on Twitter:

Our Twitterer’s profound point was born out of something really mundane. There was something about an architectural choice in a Python project and she was arguing for human clarity over technical cleverness. I don’t really know the technical merits of the discussion, but the essence of her tweet is indisputable.

If more tech leads adopted @erstejahre’s point of view, we’d have happier programming environments to be sure. Debate me on this if you want, but I’m going to win 🙂

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