Action, Results, Belief, Potential, REPEAT

Monday’s, huh? Sometimes you own them. Sometimes they own you. Am I right?

Before this Monday’s over, here’s a quick tidbit for you.

Tony Robbins has this great model he calls the “success cycle.” It’s a pretty powerful thing that can work for you or against you.

The idea is that you’re only going to invest your energy into something you actually believe is going to produce a result. The catch is that beliefs come from past experiences and past actions. So the past could be benefitting you or hurting you (and your team in the process)

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.54.30 PMA way to improve is to jump into the cycle — anywhere. For instance, if you’re facing a challenging sprint planning session and you suspend your belief that it’s going to end badly (because it always seems to) and take some massive new action toward making it better, you’re going to get some new results. They may not be perfect, but you did something to break and improve the cycle.


The success cycle (in three quick sentences) works as follows: greater actions produce greater results. Results from your actions produce belief in yourself. And when you have belief, you have more potential to take action.

Get it?

Just a quick post tonight (Mondays). Hit me up on the comments and we can talk more about it!!

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