Free Tech Lead Coaching

I want to offer you free one on one tech lead coaching. When I say free, I mean free as in free beer — totally free with absolutely no strings attached. I’ll explain why further down, but first let’s talk about the offer.

Why Should You Consider Coaching?

As far I know, tech lead coaching is completely new. I don’t think anyone who offers coaching for tech leads (free or paid) — at least outside company walls. I’ll bet it’s especially new to you because tech leads are usually in their first leadership position, so they don’t get the full suite of leadership coaching and training that senior sometimes leaders get.

So let me make a case for tech lead coaching.

What do you get from a coaching relationship? First, you get something that’s hard to find anywhere else and in any other form. A professional coach is 100% invested in your success, serving you with no agenda and no strings attached. A tech lead coach invests a substantial amount of time helping you discover and articulate your personal career goals as a tech lead — not your company’s goals, not your spouse’s goals, not your colleague’s agenda, not your friend’s goals, not your mom’s – your goals alone – and then stays focused on helping you accomplish those goals.

Using a coaching doesn’t mean you’re weak. It’s actually the opposite; the strong always seek improvement. People who engage coaches are very serious about constant improvement and fast feedback cycles.

Surprisingly, the most successful are often the most common coaching clients even though they’re already really great at what they do. The mediocre aren’t looking for ways to improve like you are.

How Does It Work?

With me, coaching is simply a series of conversations (or, coaching sessions) lasting about an hour each. If we’re both in the same geography, we can meet up in person. Being that I’m usually in California we’ll more commonly just talk on the phone, via Skype, or something similar — whatever works for you. Different coaches work different ways, but for me it’s just a conversation.

During our first session, we’ll probably spend the whole time talking about your current role, how you got there, what your organization’s culture and environment is like, and (most importantly) what your goals are and what challenges currently stand between you and those goals. I have absolutely no agenda or perspective on what any of these things should be — this is your career, not mine!

In the next sessions, we’ll probably start with a review of the goals we’re focused on to make sure we articulated corrently. If not, we’ll revise. Then we’ll talk about any actions you took since our last call toward your goal, what worked and didn’t, and what’s currently a roadblock. We’ll probably close with some ideas to work on until the next call.

Important to note on this: as a coach who’s been in this business for a while, I have lots of ideas about what could work for you and what might not work, but these coaching conversations aren’t about me or my goals. It’s mostly going to be me asking you questions and exploring ideas.

You already know how to be successful, my only goal is to help you unlock your own potential as a tech lead!

What Will We Talk About

Mostly, we’re going to talk about your goals.

In the course of our conversations about your goals, however, some of the topics that will surely come up are things that I might be able to specifically help you with:

  1. working with a team to define a vision for your team,
  2. how to connect your individual team members to the vision, and
  3. executing the day to day work.

Let’s talk!

What Do You Have to Do?

Not much! I’m not sure I could make it any easier for you.

Just put in an application and I’ll reach out to you to figure out a time that works for us.

Importantly, since this is totally new and you don’t really know who I am or whether you can really trust me, we can even keep it totally anonymous. I just need a name I can refer to by (pick the name you wish your parents named you) and we need to work out a way to communicate — that’s it.

Why Is It Free?

I already have an awesome job, make plenty of money, and generally have a blessed life. I’m aboslutely not looking to build a relationship with you that I’ll later try to monetize.

I’m volunteering to do this for more personal satisfaction but also more stories, more experiences, and frankly, more practice. I’m totally new to the tech lead coaching thing (and you are too!), so let’s learn together. I have lots of ideas about tech leadership but working with you, one one one, is going to make a huge impact on my point of view and my own trajectory (and I hope you too)!

Put differently, the conversations you and I are going to have are going help me build a base of knoweldge and experiences I can use for this blog, a book I’m working on, speaking engagements, webinars, and lots of other stuff. I’m not planning on a career as a tech lead coach!

At the same time, I hope and believe that you’ll benefit tremendously. Not everyone who reads this is going to get along perfectly with me or benefit the way I hope they will, but let’s give it a try!!

Sign up here.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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