Welcome to Leadership Level One. You’ve Got a Long Way to Go.

Your manager takes you around to meetings and introduces you as the tech lead, so you’re a leader now, right?

After all, the word “lead” appears right there. In. The. Job. Title.

And you’re actually right, especially if your role is clearly defined and your team has to implement your architecture, follow your design decisions, and/or work on the tasks you tell them to work on.

In other words, if your team has to do what you say to get a paycheck, then you have followers and leaders have followers.

But what you’ll (hopefully) discover pretty quickly* is that this is the lowest, least effective form of leadership — especially in a hybrid professional, technical, and creative business like ours.

Conscientious and effective tech leads instinctively know there are higher and better levels of leadership than a mere job title. That’s why you’re here.

So welcome!

*Of course, we all know all too many “leaders” who settle for level one. But that’s not going to happen to you because you’re reading Tech Lead Daily!

Also, knowledgeable readers will notice these concepts come from John Maxwell.

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