You. YOU are the tech lead. Not me. (Letter No. 14)

Hey Tech Leads—

It’s Friday night!!! As if you needed a reminder. I’m writing a different kind of note today. It’s meta, self-indulgent even. Stick with me anyway………

I’ve been increasing the amount of time and energy I invest in Tech Lead Daily and the upcoming Tech Lead Workshops. But something’s missing. I think I’m not reaffirming with you why leadership in tech could mean TO YOU.

I work with so many clients in so many environments and, maybe because I seek it, I see such a void of leadership, especially deep in the tranches where I really need tech leads. Consulting firms exist for many reasons, but an important one is a lack of local leadership deep in organizational trenches.

Thus, I’ve been approaching the tech lead topic from the wrong place. From my point of view as a manager of many consulting teams, I’m trying to fill a void I see in the industry. Hard tech skills may be a rare commodity, but I’m a writer trying to give you even rarer, even more valuable soft skills to go with them because, as a manager, I know it’s a gap I badly need to fill. It’s a daily problem.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that does anything to inspire you to be a better tech lead, which is ironic because my goal in putting this together is to lead you there. Crap. FAIL.

Starting today, I want to flip it around. We should be talking about you. Enough emphasizing what I need, your company needs, or your industry needs. We need to talk about YOU.

What would it mean for you if you started looking for success beyond your raw tech skills? What kind of impact could you make? How could you grow professionally and personally? What would it mean for your income, your career, your future, your family’s future? And by the way, would it help if I mentioned that the industry is begging for this capability?

Years from now, at the end of your career, what kind of difference would it make if you did the hard work today and stretched and grew beyond what you think you can currently do?

Actually, it’s Friday…. Give it some thought this weekend, but don’t sweat it right now. Have a nice weekend. Let’s get rolling on it starting on Monday!!

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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