Tech Lead blogging – “Head First” vs. “The Treatise”

Today was super busy, but in the background I was playing around with the Swift Playground files on Xcode. I don’t know why, really. Then later tonight, I was cruising around O’Reilly’s Safari for Swift books. Again, don’t know why.

In browsing the titles in Safari, however, I had a thought. It seems like one can roughly divide the universe of programming books into two: those that start with a problem and solve it with a language (e.g., the “Head First” approach) and those that cover the language with an exhaustive, detailed survey of the language (the “treatise” approach) starting with mundane topics like data types.

You could almost say that one’s more practical and the other’s more academic.

So it further crossed my mind that with both this blog (Tech Lead Daily) and the Tech Lead Workshops (BTW, don’t forget to RSVP for next week if you’re in Los Angeles!!) that I’ve vascillating by attacking the tech lead profession from both ends. No wonder I find it exhausting!

Maybe in the future, I should divide this blog into two rough universes: survey level stuff (think treatise) and practice stuff (think, “head first”)…….

Any thoughts or guidance on this are VERY WELCOME!!!


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