Open email to the Los Angeles Tech Lead Workshop community re: NEXT WEEK!!

Hey Los Angeles Tech Leads—


Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 10.12.56 PMFor me, I grew up in blazing hot Phoenix, Arizona, so this is basically a nice Spring day; but holy crap I could use some air conditioning in my South Bay rental right now!!

As much as I just want to just go take a nap on the beach (under some shade), this is a good time to remind you that our first, in person, TECH LEAD WORKSHOP is one week from today.

In case you’ve forgotten why you signed up for the Tech Lead Workshops, I think (hope) it’s because you’re looking for a safe place to hang out with people who share your goal to either (1) evolve into a tech lead role or (2) do a lot better in the role.

In our Meetup next Wednesday, we’re going to focus on the case study I wrote up quite a while ago around a fairly vague (but common, in my experience) situation and try to work through some solutions. I think it’s going to be a great discussion, but we’ll probably find some weaknesses in the case study for which you can help us with a pull request.

If you haven’t done so already, RSVP here. (See you on Wednesday.)

We’re fortunate enough to have Riot Games hosting us, including some snacks and beverages (21 and older only), which is half the battle in putting together a Meetup event. BIG THANKS TO RIOT AND KYLE FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!

As excited as I am to finally meet and grow with you in person, I should probably take a moment to set some expectations:

  1. this is our FIRST in person meetup, so it’s going to be fairly small;
  2. it’s also going to be, shall we say, less than professionally organized (e.g., a little rough around the edges and halting at times); and
  3. most importantly, it’s a super unique, one of a kind experience that we get to share in together and hopefully improve.



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