Code reviews really shouldn’t be like this

Yesterday I was cruising Twitter and I came across a depressing tweet, which I was going to duplicate for you here if the person hadn’t deleted it.

Carie (made up name) said something like, “just spent hours getting some code to work and now I’m freaking out about the upcoming code review.”

Maybe the tweet hit a nerve with me because I remember feeling like that — a lot! Code reviews can be such an amazing, bonding experience for a team if you can make it not only a safe environment but also one where the team can be playful, everyone can walk away have learned something, and feeling part of something shared.

Unfortunately, most of my code review experiences were more like Carie’s no matter how confident I felt about my code.

Simon Sinek said that a team is not a group of people working on something together; it’s a group of people who trust each other. Code reviews are a POWERFUL way to build trust. As a tech lead, you create the environment to make code reviews an awesome experience.

Maybe the worst part for Carie isn’t the code reviews — it’s seems to work in an environment where she doesn’t feel safe. That sucks. Come to think of it, I’m glad she deleted the tweet and I wasn’t able to reproduce it because I certainly wouldn’t want to call even more attention to her and her concerns.

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

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