How to split the world in two

Just got back from a long company meeting in Dallas, Texas. I work for a software company, the kind that used to actually ship software in boxes on CD-ROMs to sell at places like Best Buy and Fry’s.

I was part of the leadership track and, much to my horror, the leaders in the room spent the majority of the time talking about products and technologiesnot leadership!!!

As you know, I write this little blog about tech leadership….. so it took me a while to get over my shock at the situation and come to the conclusion that they’re probably doing it right.

Here’s why: how do you split the world in two?

Answer: you don’t do it by, say, defining (1) tech leadership skills and (2) then defining technology skills. Instead, you split the world into (1) technology skills and (2) everything else. Doing otherwise takes away from the fact that technology is the most important thing in our business.

Moreover, tech leadership is just one facet of that “everything else.” You already know that. I’m just getting it in the record to prove that, despite the fact that I get a little obsessed, I know it too. Really, I do.

Hope you’re having a great Thursday!

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