Why You Should Consider Joining a Weekly Tech Lead Conference Call

I’m organizing a weekly (or monthly) private conference call for eight to twelve tech leads across companies and industries. There’s an open information session about it coming up on October 20th — please join us through Meetup or through the event RSVP page on this site! But you don’t need to wait — see below!

Why Should You Join?

Personally, I found all my tech lead and project lead roles fairly lonely and isolating, and I’m pretty sure it reduced my effectivness quite a lot. As this great HuffPo article explains:

  • usually tech leads are in their very first professional leadership position, so they have lots questions and a strong need for support;
  • it’s uncomfortable to seek support from the people you’re leading, and besides, they’re unlikely to give very useful feedback;
  • it’s uncomfortable to reach out to your managers because you might feel some of your concerns reveal weakness or incompetence, even if they don’t really; and
  • many don’t want to reach out to peers in the organization for the same reason or that there’s competition within the organization.

What Will You Do During Call?

In a nutshell, we’ll be on the line to help each other — at least once a week or once a month (whatever cadence makes sense for the group). Basically all you have to do is plan to set aside 30 or 60 minutes to dial into a conference bridge and participate in the call. During the call we’ll:

  • Discuss a specific topic, like articulating a technical vision, how to contruct the vision, dealing with vision drift, working with problematic team members, etc., etc., etc.
  • Let one person be on the “hot seat” to explain how they’re performing on their tech lead goals
  • Spend a few minutes planning for next week: elect the next topic and a let someone volunteer to be on the “hot seat”

What Are the Ground Rules?

Pretty simple, really:

  1. Absolutely no sharing, asking about, or discussing any confidential information!
  2. Come with an open mind
  3. . . . and a helpful attitude
  4. Don’t interrupt
  5. . . . and listen to everyone’s point of view carefully before voicing (or even forming) your opinion

Ready Already?

You don’t need to spend time listening in on an information session to be a part of the tech lead conference calls. We have an application form (Tech Lead Conference Call Application Form) here at Tech Lead Daily!

By the way, these conference calls are loosely inspired by Patrick Kua’s tech lead lunches idea from Talking With Tech Leads.

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