You too can deliver this kind of power, clarity, and vision

“The appropriate response for horrible ideas is a better idea.”

Lt. General Silveria’s speech at the US Airforce Academy made the social media rounds yesterday. Take a few minutes to watch it.

Just a few things that I want to draw your attention to–

  • Looks like it was a quickly assembled gathering, giving it an air that something important was going to happen, like a sudden huddle in a conference room — that’s an easy technique to make a one-off message memorable
  • If Silveria has prepared notes, he doesn’t need to check them much; he knows exactly what he’s going to say — the vision is clear in his head
  • The first power move is to gather his staff around the audience, and he names them
  • The second is to tell everyone to record his key point (“take out your phones”), which is a powerful way of saying, “go ahead, put this on social media, discuss what I’m saying because I stand behind it.”

Perhaps most importantly, notice that you could have this impact too.

Sure you can: this is not some huge stadium sized speech with handlers, writers, spotlights, and media — the stuff you normally associate with strong leadership but can’t reproduce in a conference room seating twelve. This is a normal person, which makes him more credible, who’s driven by a clear belief in the value of diversity and simply added a few dramatic flairs to unequivocally declare his vision for the USAFA.

You can do all that too.

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