Join us for our first tech lead workshop – Nov. 1!

On November 1st, we’ll have our first, real, in person, tech lead workshop in Santa Monica, California!

My vision for the Tech Lead Workshops (also on Meetup) comes from my own experience, which is to say I found experience is the only way to get good at leading. There’s lots you can read about leadership, you can take classes, participate in your company’s “leadership training,” and etc. But the only way to get good is to practice on your own, watch how others approach similar problems, revise your approach, and iterate.

So the Tech Lead Workshops are a going to be a place where you can review a tough problem in a safe place with others who are learning like you. On November 1st, we’ll work through Case Study 1 together.

Hope to see you there! You can RSVP on or RSVP right here on

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